Dirty, contaminated ducts can be blamed for a lot of problems.  Everything from health issues and discomfort to heating/cooling malfunctions and higher energy bills are all potential consequences.  While the duct system is responsible for transporting your family’s breathing air throughout the home, it’s also concealing harmful pollutants, such as bacteria, mold, dander, dust, bugs, webs, and even decomposing rodents.  When you call on Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC, we take advantage of cutting edge equipment and technology to access the entirety of the ductwork, effectively removing stubborn buildup without causing damage or disruption.

Expert Duct Cleaning Services

Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC delivers cost-effective and sustainable results for our customers in Northwest Indiana.  Our step by step process includes aggressive brushing to dislodge accumulation, and a dual vacuum system to trap all debris.  We clean the registers, supply vents, air handler, and introduce and circulate an antimicrobial treatment throughout the system.  Your professionally cleaned ductwork will keep your home much cleaner, ensure a healthier indoor environment, lessen the workload of heating/cooling equipment, combat safety issues, and save you money.  Contact the team from Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC to determine if you are in need of duct cleaning.  Our video inspection system reveals hidden concerns and provides a “before” and “after” image to ensure the job has been done right.  Family owned and operated for 58 years, Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC is your team of Hometown Professionals across Lowell, Crown Point, Cedar Lake, St. John, Schererville, IN & Lake County.