Generator Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Lowell, IN

Whole House Generator

Generator Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Lowell, IN

On average, there are 550 severe storms in Indiana, with 400 causing wind damage annually.

Power outages can happen anytime in Northwest Indiana.

Besides being uncomfortable, power interruptions can affect your family’s health and safety.

Never worry about another power disruption again by installing a whole-house generator.

If you have a medical condition or devices that require uninterrupted electrical power, call our courteous and licensed technicians.

Let’s find out the best home backup generator for you.

Gray’s is the #1 HVAC contractor in Lowell. We also serve Crown Point, St. John, Demotte, Hebron, and the surrounding communities.

Call us for prompt, reliable, and professional service. Our experienced and licensed specialists can install, maintain, and repair the right generator for your home.

Affordable Whole-House Generator Installation

Don’t let power outages effect your life again.

Let the experts at Gray’s Total Green Energy Solutions install an energy-efficient whole-home backup generator.

We will do our best to work within your budget and requirements.

Get peace of mind knowing that whenever the power goes off, your home will have an automatic, uninterrupted source of power, even if no one is there.

A generator adds value to your home and reduces your stress during storm season.

At Gray’s, we will never offer you products or services that you don’t need.

What makes us different from other installers is fast action, reliable and professional service. Plus, you get our “No Breakdown Guarantee.

During our consultation, you will get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Consultation – Choosing The Best Generator For Your Home

Our technicians will give you accurate advice on the most affordable options depending on the circuits you need to stay on.

Take advantage of a free consultation at a time that’s convenient to you by clicking the link here.

We’ll perform a thorough site inspection and find out the most critical areas of your home to keep powered up.

Our professional technicians will provide the calculation and estimates to help you select the right generator.

Installation Process

A home standby generator installs outside like an AC unit. Should the power go out, it fires up automatically. It ties into the power panel.

Typically, you’ll want to power the kitchen, air conditioning, heating, and garage door, depending on which zones you choose.

Most home backup generator systems run on natural gas. If natural gas is not a fuel option at your home, then a propane-powered generator is the next best choice.

The third option is a diesel-powered generator. However, both diesel and propane require storage tanks.

Whichever backup generator you choose, you can depend on Gray’s Total Green Energy Solutions to install your system right the first time. We have maintenance plans to ensure it runs efficiently for years to come.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Generator Installation & Repair

NOTE: Installing a home backup generator is NOT a Do-It-Yourself project. Electricity is both complex and dangerous.

At Gray’s Total Green Energy Solutions, we only send licensed and experienced electricians to install your generator or other equipment.

Along with state licenses, most of our team members have earned certificates from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

Our specialists trained and passed rigorous exams to demonstrate their skills and expertise to earn this certificate.

Reliable Whole-House Generator Service and Repair

We provide home standby generator service for most makes and models.

Like any other mechanical system, there is always some upkeep involved. It pays to be prepared.

After all, in Northern Indiana, the next storm is just around the corner.

The Importance of Maintenance For Your Generator

To keep your generator ready to work at a moment’s notice, it should have regular maintenance and testing.

If you run the generator for 24 to 48 hours continuously, you should have the unit checked by our professionals.

For a longer service life, change the oil and filter every 50 hours of use or at least annually if you don’t run it.

Maintenance tips:

  • Always check the oil level
  • Don’t run the generator over 75% of its rated capacity
  • Replace worn or broken parts like the brushes, immediately
  • Always schedule an annual inspection

Professional standby generator maintenance will keep your warranty intact.

Our technician will perform services like checking and refilling fluids during a maintenance visit, changing the spark plug, and inspecting and cleaning components.

Ask about Gray’s Total Green Energy Solution’s preventative maintenance plans. It’s the most economical and worry-free way to guard your generator and other HVAC equipment against unexpected failures.

Scheduled maintenance prolongs the life and efficiency of your generator and HVAC system, ensuring you get the best value from your investment.

Quality Repairs

If you have a problem with your home standby generator, our technicians stock parts to fit the Generac generators we sell and parts for most other models. Typically, we can repair the generator and get it back in service in one visit.

Most manufacturers require documentation of your generator’s service to maintain the warranty. We offer in-warranty repairs for most manufacturers, and we can file the manufacturer claim on your behalf after completing the repairs.

24-Hour Home Emergency Generator Service

If your generator suddenly dies in the middle of the night, call Gray’s Emergency number 219-696-8377. We will dispatch a technician for home emergency generator repairs around the clock.

We sell Generac generators but can work on most other brands. At Gray’s, we deliver exceptional customer service.

Green Solutions and Energy Efficiency

One of our core values at Gray’s is to be an environmental steward of the planet and do everything possible to protect our state’s natural resources.

Reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills with our sustainable, high-efficiency products. We offer the most energy-efficient generators. They use less fuel to run while creating the power you require during an emergency power outage.

We are also the leading provider of economical geothermal-heat pumps, high-efficiency air conditioners, and furnaces in Northwest Indiana. We pledge always to do our best on every job so that you and your loved ones are comfortable and safe.

Financing & Guarantee of Our Generators

We back our work and offer a moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied. We use only licensed, professional HVAC technicians who are courteous and arrive on time, ready to work.

Additionally, Generac generators offer a 5-year limited warranty.

If you need it, financing is available. Ask us about your options when you call.



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