A sudden power failure doesn’t need to disrupt your routine or cause damage.  Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC protects your home, family, and budget with the permanent installation of a standby generator. Our licensed and insured professionals match your exact needs to a perfectly sized, reliable, and effective option.  Whether you’re left without power for a few hours, several days, or even weeks, you’ll never be forced to abandon your house, pay for a hotel, or make do without essential appliances and conveniences.

Dependable Standby Generator Services

A backup generator guarantees immediate and safe transition of power, and continues operation for as long as needed.  There’s no need to be on the premises or to refuel.  Sump pumps, heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and refrigerators remain fully operational.  You choose whether to power the entire house, or target specific appliances.  Our knowledgeable technicians tailor recommendations to suit, complete quick and proper installation, and deliver peace of mind for our customers in Northwest Indiana.

Give our team a call for all your generator repairs, installations, and service!

Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC specializes in Honeywell Generators, offering a broad selection of the most recognized and popular options on the market.  For any size or style of residence, these innovative generators provide seamless and sufficient power directly to your home’s electrical system.  Our qualified team complies with all applicable safety and building codes and effectively defend against the consequences of severe weather across Lowell, Crown Point, Cedar Lake, St. John, Schererville, IN & Lake County.  Don’t be caught unprepared.  Contact Gray's Total Green Energy Solutions, LLC at (219) 230-8942 for further information, written estimates, and affordable solutions to any challenge.